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God_s Gift Of Light?

God_s Gift Of Light?

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Bosmont SDA Church

Bank:                 Standard Bank

Acc Number:    002421895

Acc Type:          Current

Branch Code:   005005

Ref:                    Tithes and your name / Church Offering / Mission Offering / Project Name 


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Tithe Envelope / Offering Basket / SnapScan QR Code

Worship Through Giving


God's Tithe (regular salary/income)-Person who

receives salary/wages


God's Tithe (seasonal/other income)-Person who

receives irregular and/or

seasonal income


Combined offerings - Offerings to be allocated as


Local church 50%

Local conference 20%

SID 5% 

Union conference 5%

World Mission 20%

Local church - To support the mission and ministry of

your local church

Local conference - To support Conference Development

Union conference - To support Union institutions and for

resource developments

Division (SID) - The purpose is to support the mission of

the Seventh day Adventist Church in the SID territory

World mission (GC) - The purpose is to support the

world-wide mission of the Seventh day Adventist Church

Other offerings - These may be selected for special

project(s) which you wish to support. These are given in

addition to the regular tithe and offerings.

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